Wed 28.12

Beatles Revival

Flashback to 1970, when the news of the Beatles’ breakup shocked the music scene and sent mil­lions of Beat­le­ma­niacs around the world into a deep depression. Four years later, four young musi­cians in Frankfurt am Main decided to perform the Beatles’ songs once again “just for fun alongside their studies and jobs”.

They took the Fab Four’s records and pain­sta­kingly worked out the finely drawn sound of the Liverpool legend. Early 1976: The “Beat Boys from the Main” venture into the lime­light on an aver­agely cheerful car­nival evening in Frankfurt’s “Sink­kasten”. For this occasion they had come up with the name “The Beatles Revival Band”. An at first baffled, then crazed audience sud­denly saw them­selves in Hamburg’s “Starclub” and set back years: A yellow sub­marine floated through the music store, Ser­geant Pepper danced Rock‘n‘Roll, Eleanor Rigby served colored drinks and outside, in front of the door, the asphalt of Abbey Road rattled down.

Page one in the picture book of a career. It was as if con­jured out of a hat: The Beatles Revival Band was founded — and: The Beatles were alive again. Just weeks later: the per­for­mance in the com­pletely sold-out Berlin Phil­har­monic Hall. The press spoke of the “greatest enigma in the history of German rock”. The music magazine “Joker” calls the Beatles Revival Band the “most suc­cessful cover band of all time”. “Beatles hits can play the Beatles Revival Band live pro­bably better than John, Paul, George and Ringo them­selves,” let the “Bravo”. The musi­cians from Hesse slip so genuinely into the roles of the ori­ginals that the Beatles’ record company wants to have the band banned by the courts for “mali­cious deception of the fans.” Ringo Starr offers the group DM 500,000 to repack their guitars.
guitars back.

2021: After 45 years “on the road” the Beatles Revival Band is the longest serving and mea­sured by the average age of the members — the youngest Beatles tribute band in Germany at the same time. Today the for­mation presents itself as fresh and ener­getic as in the early years.

The Beatles Revival Band takes its audience on a journey back in time to the sixties. From “Please, Please Me” over “Sgt. Pepper” to “Let It Be” there is a foray through the entire creative period of the bril­liant quartet from Liverpool.