Tue 27.12

Dos Mundos feat. Lynda Cullen

Dos Mundos means “2 worlds” in English. Melanie Muñoz is Spanish and Paddy Bro­hammer has roots in the Black Forest. This gives a lot of room to bring tog­ether musical styles and idio­syn­crasies of men­ta­lities, which the two also succeed in doing with a lot of humor. While in Germany Christmas is cele­brated in a con­tem­plative way, in Spain it is merry and loud.

Many people will remember Melanie and Paddy as the two heads of the band Los Talis­manes, which per­formed at the Christmas Magic for many years. Already at that time the two daughters of the couple were involved vocally and also instru­mentally. Mean­while, the two teen­agers are regu­larly on stage. In 2019, Dos Mundos recorded a Christmas EP. On it are cheerful “Navi­deños” (Christmas songs) from Anda­lusia, a German she­pherd song and also an ori­ginal com­po­sition. In addition, you can hear the most beau­tiful songs from their CDs released so far. The Medi­ter­ranean songs about Christmas, God and the world are played in dif­ferent lan­guages, some­times soulful for dreaming, then again spi­rited and full of (Spanish) joie de vivre.

In Triberg the quartet will be sup­ported by Lynda Cullen. The singer/songwriter, who comes from Cork/Ireland, has been living in Vil­lin­gendorf for some time and since then joint con­certs have been played again and again.