Mon 26.12

Martin Tschanett

Martin Tschanett tra­velled to the USA 35 years ago to work as an adventure tour guide.
His travels took him to Las Vegas again and again.
There he visited the shows of all the famous magi­cians and very soon he dis­co­vered his love for magic.
Little by little, this deve­loped into a hobby.
After his return to Europe, he became a member of the “Magi­scher Ring Austria” and cur­r­ently of “The Magic Lodge”.

His favourite branches of magic are:
“Close Up Magic” with cards”
“Magic shows for children”
“Magic shows for adults”
“Street Magic”.

His per­for­mances have taken him all over Europe, America, Aus­tralia and India.
Thereby he could inspire countless people with his magic.

He is the father of 3 children who, when they were young, loved to try to figure out their dad’s tricks.

Martin Tschanett loves to put a smile on the faces of his audience.
Comedy magic, where the audience see­mingly gets behind the magic secret and then ever­ything turns out quite dif­fer­ently.
Or a classic piece of magic in a tailcoat makes his heart beat faster.

One thing is certain:
You have to be born to do magic. If you are not born, you cannot do magic.