About us

The two initiators, busi­nessman Thomas Weisser and lighting tech­nician Rainer Huber, had the bril­liant idea in 2004 to offer the many families who spend Christmas tog­ether a very special Christmas expe­rience. The Christmas markets, the attraction magnet for the whole family, have broken off their tents before Christmas Eve.

The two people from Triberg jumped at the oppor­tunity and offered the people a fan­tastic Christmas spec­tacle: They dipped the win­terly snow-covered and frozen famous waterfall and the neigh­boring nature adventure park with 100,000 lights into a Christmas sea of lights.

With the number of lights, the number of visitors grew from year to year, 500,000 lights attracted a sen­sa­tional 47,000 visitors in 2008. The success of this Christmas event for the whole family can be seen in the high number of visitors since then and the awa­reness far beyond national borders.

In the meantime, 1,000,000 lights shimmer and shine in the wintry waterfall area. And new attrac­tions are added every year. For 8 years now, the “little” Weih­nachts­zauber visitors have been enjoying their own Children’s World. And on 4 days every year, a large firework display forms the crowning con­clusion of a Weih­nachts­zauber day in Triberg.

That’s how the idea came about.


2003 on initiative of Triberg’s mayor Dr. Strobel the world-famous waterfall was made acces­sible also in winter. In 2004, the city created a nature adventure park in its imme­diate vicinity. This inspired Thomas Weisser and Rainer Huber to create their Weih­nachts­zauber. The success proves them right: Triberg and the whole region have one more attraction which com­ple­ments and streng­thens the tourist offer of the city “between the years”, espe­cially in times when tra­di­tio­nally fewer visitors visit the Black Forest town.

This is our concept of success

On the one hand, many of the atmo­spheric light into which the Triberg waterfall and its sur­roun­dings are bathed can be enchanted by Christmas, espe­cially in the darkest time of the year. On the other hand, the attractive program mix of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber gua­rantees that there is some­thing for every taste, for young and old. The suc­cessful concept is the pro­fes­sional mixture of tra­di­tional and local customs with a modern event. The Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber has deve­loped into a crowd-puller far beyond the region.