The Attrac­tions in the Event Area

On the grounds of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber you will find numerous dif­ferent attrac­tions.

On this page you will find the exact attrac­tions and further infor­mation about them.

Our attrac­tions

1 Million Lights

Visit the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber and enjoy the breath­taking atmo­s­phere created by a million lights.

Starry Sky with 100,000 Lights

At the main ent­rance of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber there is a gigantic starry sky with 100,000 lights and is waiting to be seen and admired by you.

Nativity Scene

The Triberg Christmas magic presents you on the event area a beau­tiful crib made of straw.

Winter Fire with Stick Bread

You want to eat some­thing and warm up at the same time? At our winter fire you can warm up and bake deli­cious bread.

Christmas Village

The varied and beau­tiful Christmas village of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber makes the hearts of visitors beat faster.

Giant Christmas Candle

To the left of the Nature Stage stands our huge Christmas Candle, which — as the name sug­gests — is several metres high and the­refore a real eye-catcher.

Nature Stage

The Nature Stage is one of the numerous stages of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber. On this stage the most amazing artists appear, so that every visitor gets his money’s worth.

Giant Christmas Hat

In the won­der­fully illu­mi­nated Giant Christmas Hat you can read how people in various coun­tries wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Por­trait Photo Studio

In our por­trait photo studio on the event site you can have your photo taken in front of a beau­tiful winter scenery and of course take the photo home with you.

Children’s Carousel

Not only in the Children’s World, but also in the Christmas Village there is some­thing for the little visitors. Here there is a Children’s Carousel that makes children’s hearts beat faster.

Glitter Oasis

On the event area of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber close to the Nature Stage you will find a breath­taking and glowing glitter oasis.

Winter Fires

Udo Schanz presents spe­cially made works of art made of metal at several loca­tions on the waterfall grounds and trans­forms them into graceful, ima­gi­native fire­places.

Snow­flake Trail

The illu­mi­nated snow­flakes show you the way through the Lantern Forest to the Christmas Hat, so you don’t get lost in the dark forest.

Lantern Forest

If you walk from the main ent­rance along the cir­cular path of the waterfall, you will arrive at the end of the foot­bridge on the left-hand side directly to the beau­tiful Lantern Forest.

Pavilion on the Hill

On the hillside in the waterfall area you will see a beau­tiful pavilion of lights.

Star Alley

When you walk through the lantern forest, you will see stars in addition to lan­terns. These make up the attraction Star Alley.

Light Tunnel

If you walk the waterfall trail, you will reach the bright tunnel of lights.

Black Forest Railway Light Train

If you walk the way from the main ent­rance of the waterfall in the direction of the Giant Ferris Wheel to the Kurhaus, you will pass the bright Black Forest train lights.

Light Village on the Hill

Between the Kurhaus and the main ent­rance you will see a three-dimen­­sional village of lights on the hill, which is a real eye-catcher.

Ferris Wheel

On the way from the waterfall area to the Kurhaus you will find a big ferris wheel with a height of 20m, pre­sented by Sued­kurier.

Kurhaus Stage

In addition to the Nature Stage there is also a stage in the Kurhaus on the grounds of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber.

Winter Scenery in the Kurhaus

In the Kurhaus, in the large hall where the Kurhaus Stage is located, you can enjoy a won­derful winter land­scape and listen to the fan­tastic artists. We wish you a lot of fun.

Coffee by the Fire­place in the Kurhaus

In the Kurhaus you will find our coffee by the fire­place, where you can choose between deli­cious cakes and various coffee spe­cia­lities as well as other drinks.

Castle Laby­rinth

In this great laby­rinth, children of all ages have a lot of fun finding the exit.

Children’s World Stage

In the children’s world you will find a stage on which great artists will delight the youngest visitors with a colourful show program.

Alphorn Blowers

Let yourself be carried away into the world of moun­tains in the waterfall area by lis­tening to the talented alphorn players and enjoying the atmo­s­phere of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber.