Bus Tours

Ticket Sales

The fol­lowing con­di­tions apply to ticket sales for tour ope­rators:

You can order tickets con­ve­ni­ently via our online ticket sales.

A sett­lement via com­mission is unfort­u­nately not pos­sible. But if you didn’t need all the tickets, you can send us the unused ribbons (maximum 10 pieces) back by mail after the Weih­nachts­zauber and you will receive the value of the tickets back from us by transfer to your bank account.

WARNING: The purchase price of purchased tickets can not be refunded if the causes are not within the control of the orga­nizer, or due to force majeure. For travel groups (from 20 pers.) tickets are refundable only up to a number of max. 10 pieces after­wards.

From 12/17/2019 you can only purchase tickets at the box office. A special ticket office for bus groups will be set up at the bus parking lot. There you will receive the tickets against cash payment. A return of the tickets is however not pos­sible here.

Order Tickets

Bus tickets can be ordered regu­larly via our online shop.

Adver­tising material

We will be happy to send you some of our flyers for your adver­tising free of charge.
Please send us an e‑mail to [email protected] with your address and the subject “Adver­tising material”.

Our media package includes 20x DIN A4 flyer and 100x DIN A6 flyer.

A press release and a large sel­ection of pic­tures for your adver­tising are available in our press area. There you can easily download text and pic­tures.