We offer you here free material for the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber. You can download the fol­lowing ori­ginal material:

  • current press texts (ori­ginal texts of TWZ Event GmbH)
  • Press pic­tures of the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber
  • current press com­mentary on the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber (during the event days)

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Press releases

here you can download an announ­cement text 2019 as a doc-file.

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Please send us a spe­cimen copy if you use our texts or photos for a print version or send us the respective link if you use our texts for an online pre­sen­tation.

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Press photos

Here you can have our press photos for your adver­tising sent to you by e‑mail.
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