Living jukebox

The world’s first real living jukebox is a musical expe­rience for any event. The iconic GDR Trabi has been lovingly res­tored and refur­bished and attracts everyone’s attention with its unique appearance. The artists tour across Germany with their living jukebox and delight their audi­ences with charm and well over 300 songs from their jukebox reper­toire.

The prin­ciple is simple and inge­nious:

Just like a real jukebox, the lis­tener selects a song, throws in money and presses the cor­re­sponding buttons and the living jukebox starts playing. The only dif­fe­rence is that the songs are played live by the musi­cians rather than by a tape. This is the high­light that makes the living jukebox a first-class eye-catcher.