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4:20 pm • Kurhaus Stage


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Rebecca Weisser

Rebecca Weisser is Ame­rican by birth and offers her lis­teners a wide range of songs from the fields of gospel, soul and rock.

Already from childhood — at home with her 9 sib­lings, but also in church con­gre­ga­tions and on radio & tele­vision — the trans­planted “Black Forest woman” has a lot of fun and joy in music. She proves her musical gifts through solo con­certs and choir per­for­mances.

In con­trast to the rough and wild nature of the Triberg waterfall, Rebecca Weisser puts her audience in a gentle and calm mood during the Tri­berger Weih­nachts­zauber, which can only be expe­ri­enced at Christmas.


  • born and raised in Kansas City, Mis­souri, USA
  • Since young years: Piano lessons, appearances on local tele­vision and radio
  • since 1988: resident in Triberg- Grem­melsbach, Germany
  • Since 1990: married to Thomas Weisser, 2 children
  • 2000- 2001: first CD with own songs pro­duced in Nash­ville, USA