Thu. 28.12

Zirkus Ufftata

What a circus! That’s what people often say when things get tur­bulent. This is actually true of the Ufftata circus. Clubs fly up into the air, hula hoops are swung and dia­bolos whirl around. The three artists have their hands full and always need the help of the young audience.

Circus Ufftata is an inter­active circus show for children and families, con­sisting of
child-fri­endly artistry, humorous sequences, clownish inter­ludes and magical moments. The three artists Inga Schäfer, Manuel Mitasch and Julius Preu perform world-class hula hoop, juggling and diabolo. They are not only spe­cia­lists in their field, but also all-rounders
and musi­cians. Addi­tional accents are set by drum beats and ukulele sounds, dif­ferent props are not only per­formed solo, but also tog­ether, clas­si­cally or com­pletely abs­tractly.

Are you ready for a colourful, lively and lively circus adventure?