Christian Torchiani

He lives and loves his music. Christian learned his craft from scratch and since his childhood he has pursued his goal of enter­taining people with his music. Since the beginning of his career he also writes music himself and has already com­posed more than 500 titles published by him or other artists.

One of his many high­lights in his career was cer­tainly his time with the suc­cessful “Klos­ter­taler”. He was a guest on countless TV shows with them, played with them on many tours. He also won the Grandprix der Volks­musik with them for the second time in 2008. Of course he also wrote some songs for the “Klos­ter­taler”, which are still lis­tened to and played today. Of course, songs from this time should not be missing in his program.

His current album, which he released in 2019, is called “Bitte nimm mich so wie ich bin”. There are some catchy tunes on it that still resonate with the visitors after the concert. With a lot of charm and humour he presents his music and takes the audience with him to every event. An expe­rience you won’t soon forget.

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