Colour The Sky

Colour The Sky were founded in June 2010, after they ran into each other more or less by chance with their guitars in their luggage in the Gör­litzer Stadtpark and managed some hours of musical hap­pe­nings.

The young trio, con­sisting of bassist Katja & the two gui­ta­rists Ivo & Billy, has made it their business to use their expressive voices, shaped into a carpet of 3‑part vocals, to carry the greatest mas­ter­pieces of rock history out into the world in acoustic inter­pre­ta­tions. For the last 6 years they have played at fes­tivals, city fes­tivals and any kind of private cele­bration, or just the streets and their pede­strian pre­cincts and managed to keep people’s hearts beating in time ever­y­where.

At their con­certs the magic of the music of The Beatles, Simon & Gar­funkel, Bob Dylan and Neil Young is almost tan­gible and keeps the lis­teners spell­bound.
In addition, songs by younger artists who have earned a place in the “Colour The Sky — Hall of Fame” in the eyes and ears of the young sym­pa­thizers can also be found in their reper­toire and shine alongside their antique coun­ter­parts.

Mean­while three tours across Germany and the coastal regions up and down, as well as several hundred con­certs have made the three from hobby musi­cians to expe­ri­enced pro­fes­sionals. Their love for music still allows them to treat every single concert with that passion as if it were their first.

With her energy, her charm and last but not least her musical skills Colour The Sky manage again and again to win over every audience. Whether young or old, standing, sitting or just passing by, you just want to listen to this music!

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