Children’s world

The Weih­nachts­zauber Children’s World in the Burg­garten

We enchant the Burg­garten (castle garden) at the Kurhaus into a great fantasy world with many high­lights:

  • Light Castle with stage
  • Tale­teller
  • Children’s program (see time­table below)
  • Ket­terers Wun­derwald
  • Castle Laby­rinth

A real princess of lights with her prince also makes a guest appearance in Kin­derland. If Her Highness allows it, you are more than welcome to take a per­sonal photo.

Our Children’s World Artists

Martin Tschanett

Martin Tschanett enter­tains his audience with great magic and exciting illu­sions.

Puppet Theatre

The puppet theatre recreates fairy tales known to the audience.

Daniel Rall

Daniel Rall has been riding a bike since he was six years old. After years of practice and training, he is now the best trial biker in the region.

Children’s World Stage Program

UhrzeitMittwoch, 25.12.Don­nerstag, 26.12.Freitag, 27.12.Samstag, 28.12 Sonntag, 29.12. Montag, 30.12
15:30 — 16:00Mär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMartin TschanettDas Pup­pen­theaterMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMär­chen­er­zäh­lerin
16:00 — 16:30Daniel RallMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallDas Pup­pen­theaterKling Glöckchen Klin­ge­lin­geling
16:30 — 17:00Martin TschanettDaniel RallDaniel RallKling Glöckchen Klin­ge­lin­gelingDaniel RallMär­chen­er­zäh­lerin
17:00 — 17:30Mär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDas Pup­pen­theaterMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel Rall
17:30 — 18.00Daniel RallMartin TschanettMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallDas Pup­pen­theaterKling Glöckchen Klin­ge­lin­geling
18.00 — 18:30Mär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallDaniel RallMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallMär­chen­er­zäh­lerin
18:30 — 19.00Martin TschanettMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDas Pup­pen­theaterKling Glöckchen Klin­ge­lin­gelingMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel Rall
19:00 — 19:30Mär­chen­er­zäh­lerinMartin TschanettMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallDas Pup­pen­theaterMär­chen­er­zäh­lerin
19:30 — 20:00Daniel RallMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallMär­chen­er­zäh­lerinDaniel RallDaniel Rall
20:00 — 20:30Martin TschanettDaniel RallDas Pup­pen­theaterKling Glöckchen Klin­ge­lin­gelingDas Pup­pen­theaterKling Glöckchen Klin­ge­lin­geling

Our children’s attrac­tions

Castle Laby­rinth

In this great laby­rinth, children of all ages have a lot of fun finding the exit.

Fai­rytale Teller Susanne

Susanne reads exciting fairy tales and stories to the children in the children’s world in the tent next to the stage.