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Reiner Kirsten

The story:
As a member of the Black Forest family Jäkle, Reiner was already standing on the boards that mean the world as a drummer at the age of 6. This was fol­lowed by training on the accordion and later in singing. Besides his job as a tele­com­mu­ni­ca­tions tech­nician, Reiner Kirsten worked con­stantly on his musical career. Winning the Swiss preli­minary round for the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1996 meant at the same time the decision to devote himself fully to his career as a singer.

The breakth­rough:
Already the album “Schmet­terling im Regen” exceeded the boldest expec­ta­tions. Victory in the qua­li­fying round for the Grand Prix of Folk Music, pla­ce­ments in the Schla­ger­parade der Volks­musik and the Volks­tüm­lichen Hit­pa­raden on ZDF and ORF, as well as a strong media pre­sence made 1996 a mile­stone in Reiner Kirsten’s solo career.

The big suc­cesses (excerpts):
— Grand Prix of Folk Music finals in 1996, 1999 and 2001 with the titles “Der Schäfer von Monte Cas­tello”, “Wir leben, wir lieben” and “Da war Musik in allen Herzen”.
— ZDF Super­hit­parade 1997 (“Du da oben”) 1998 (“Ein kleines Teu­felchen”) 1999 (“Zauber der Berge”) and 2000 (“Mein kleines Paradies”)
— mul­tiple pla­cings and vic­tories in the folk hit parades of ZDF and ORF and in the folk music hit parade on ARD, mul­tiple musician king in Achim’s hit parade on MDR
— Pre­senter of the ZDF Sunday Concert
— Winner of the MDR Herbert Roth Prize
— German preli­minary round of the Grand Prix of Folk Music 2006, duet “Mehr als tausend Träume” with Luisa
— German preli­minary round for the Grand Prix of Folk Music 2009, “Signora come stai”.


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