FRi. 29.12


SWEDEN 4EVER are five musi­cians who have made it their mission not to let ABBA fall into oblivion.

But the fun of this music has also kept the core band tog­ether for 30 years now. In 2022, the band will cele­brate its 30th stage anni­versary. The band is at home on countless stages throughout Germany and neigh­boring countries.

Big fes­tivals with well-known radio and TV sta­tions, large and small halls and a few sel­ected clubs. Tele­vision appearances have also made the band famous beyond the country’s borders. Sold-out venues are now part of everyday life. The musi­cians are always amazed that all age groups are repre­sented at events with SWEDEN 4EVER.

Even teen­agers, who are nor­mally spoiled with techno or dance­floor music in the discos, can’t stay on the spot at a concert with the ABBA cover band SWEDEN 4EVER.